Friday, August 16, 2013

enVision Pacing Guides

As if teaching isn't a tough enough job, here is the status for a lot of elementary teachers in California:

Pearson Education's enVision (California edition) was published prior to California adopting the California Common Core Standards. So, Pearson kindly created a transition document to guide teachers on how to use the "old" book with the "new" standards. Of course, this was a very nice thing for them to do!

But then in March, 2013, California changed its mind by un-adopting the California Common Core Standards and, instead, adopting something that looks a lot more like the National Common Core Standards. Now we have an "old" book with "new new" standards. Unfortunately, as of this blog post, Pearson has not yet published a nice document to help us make this NEW transition.

So here is where this blog post comes in...
I have made my first attempt at creating pacing guides to help teachers use the "old" California enVision text with the "new new" Common Core Standards. These guides...

  • indicate which lessons can be skipped because they no longer match the standards for that year
  • arranged the topics in a more logical order to create a better "flow"
  • suggest topics that should be taught each trimester for the benchmark assessment

The pacing guides were written in Google Docs, so please feel free to use the Comment Tool to post your thoughts about the guides directly within the document. Or you can post a comment at the end of this blog.

Pacing guides: