Saturday, February 22, 2014

Topic 16a Time - Google Drive

Obviously, telling time is a super important skill for students to have.
Even with digital clocks being ubiquitous, students need regular exposure to analog clocks. Why? This is just my thoughts (absolutely no research behind this), but students need to grasp that time is a continuous thing. What better to demonstrate this than watching the second hand as it gracefully sweeps around the face.

Digital clocks, on the other hand, give the appearance of that time s a discrete event. When the digital clock says 2:43, that is all it says. With an analog clock, 2:43 simultaneously has the additional meaning that it is 17 minutes until 3.

I just wrote a 3rd Grade unit on time. To be honest, it wasn't until I had to writer this unit that I had given telling time much thought...let alone consider it an important skill for students to learn.

Besides a review of skip counting by 5's, telling time also leads us to solving elapsed time problems. In my unit students use an empty time line to organize their thinking to solve these problems. In the nature of problem solving, I tried not to be overly prescriptive about how students should use the empty time line. This allows students to share multiple solution methods for each problem.