Thursday, June 19, 2014

Using Notability to put drawings into your Google Doc

Inserting images into a Google Doc is easy enough if you already have the image you want to insert. But what if you need to create the image first?

Of course, there are plenty of drawing programs out there, but I already have Notability, so that is the one I use to create my original drawings to insert into my Google Doc.

Here's how I do it:
Suppose I would like to include a drawing for the following math problem...
A 6 foot-by-6 foot garden bed has fountain in the middle. The fountain has a diameter of 2 feet. We want to use decorative rocks to cover the garden bed. What is the area of the garden that needs to be covered?
Of course, it is very unlikely that I could do a Google image search and find exactly the image I want, so this is the PERFECT time to use Notability to create my own drawing.

Open Notability and make the drawing. Usually I temporarily turn on the grid to make my drawing straight and then turn off the grid when it is time to export the drawing into my Google Doc.

Once the drawing is done and I've turned off the grid, it is time to export the drawing. In the upper left-hand corner, press the export button (rectangle with arrow).

Choose your destination. This will depend on the services you use.

Make sure you choose PDF as the format.

Once the PDF of your drawing is now on your computer, open it up and do a screenshot of your drawing. On my Mac OS, I do "Command+Shift+4" to select the drawing.
This puts the screenshot of your image on your computer's desktop. Now you are ready to insert your drawing into your Google Doc! There are a couple of ways to insert an image, but one way is to place the cursor in your Google Doc where you want the image to go and then select "Insert --> Image...".

Now your image is in your Google Doc! Woo hoo!
But, if the image is too big, just click on it and use one of the corners to resize the image.
Your final product will be the math problem with the perfect accompanying drawing to properly illustrate the situation.