Friday, September 12, 2014

Elevator Speech Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 of my Elevator Speech Challenge. Each day for a week I will try to write a different elevator speech for why I am in favor of the Common Core Math Standards. Read on...

So the other day my wife asked me to switch the door knob on our front door with a brand new door knob. This wouldn't be such a bad idea if the door knob was broken, but it seemed like I was being asked to switch one perfectly fine door knob with another.

Which brings me to my Elevator Speech Challenge.

HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION: “Duane…come on…why are the new Common Core standards better than the old standards?”

My Elevator Speech: Great question. The old collection of math standards were largely a massively long list of discrete, unconnected math skills. At many grade levels, students were expected to learn about one new math topic each day! As a result, the curriculum was called “a mile wide, but an inch deep”. Students never learned anything in depth because they were always having to move on to the next topic. This meant students never learned anything well and had to spend large portions of each school year reviewing what was supposed to have been learned the previous year. In CCSS, there are fewer standards each year, allowing students to go into greater depth for each topic, resulting in AWESOME learning for all students.

There is no single elevator speech that addresses every facet of Common Core. This challenge, however, is forcing me to prepare myself for any conversation I may suddenly find myself in.


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