Thursday, September 11, 2014

Game on: The Elevator Speech Challenge (Day 1)

A few days ago I was reading through my Twitter feed (perhaps the BEST professional development technique ever) as I normally do most evenings. That is when I stumbled upon Andrew Stadel's (@mr_stadel) tweet that he is challenging himself (and others) to write a series of Elevator Speeches in support of the Common Core math standards. Recently, I have had a series of experiences with parents and teachers that really made it clear that I must develop my own series of Elevator Speeches.

No single elevator speech can address the many facets (some controversial) of the Common Core mathematics standards. So, I plan to write a variety of elevator speeches for a variety of potential conversations that I might suddenly find myself in.

Andrew…you don’t know me, but I seriously thank you for the challenge!

HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION: "Duane…come on…do you really think Common Core Math Standards are a good thing?"

My Elevator Speech: Great question. Prior to the Common Core standards, every state had their own math standards for each grade level. This meant that an 8th grader in Oregon is learning different stuff than an 8th grader in Michigan, Florida, or California. For many decades this might have been an okay thing, but now we live in an incredibly mobile world. It is commonplace for students to move from one state to another. However, with every state having their own list of standards, these students suffered greatly. With Common Core standards, states have gotten together to adopt the same list of standards (this is a state-by-state initiative, not a federal program) meaning students can now seamlessly move from one state to another virtually without missing a beat.

Please visit Andrew Stadel's blog to read his elevator speeches:

I encourage everyone to prepare themselves with their own elevator speeches. Try it for a week. See what happens to your own thinking. Game on? Game on!

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