Tuesday, June 16, 2015


You gotta go where they are. Apparently, I need to use Pinterest in addition to all the other places I post. Here is my first attempt...

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Eureka Math & EngageNY in Spanish

This year (2014-2015), my school district went through the math adoption process. During the adoption, it became clear that we had to make a decision:
1. Adopt a cruddy math curriculum, but at least it has a Spanish translation
2. Adopt an excellent math curriculum that does not yet have a Spanish translation

We chose Option 2 because we believed that during the 8-year adoption cycle the lack of a Spanish translation would eventually be rectified. While Option 1 offered little hope that the cruddy math curriculum could ever be fixed.

As a result, we selected Eureka Math and our decision has paid off!

As awesome a curriculum as Eureka Math (aka EngageNY) might be, a small, but significant drawback is its lack of a Spanish translation. Well, this problem is slowly getting fixed.

A number of school districts have taken the initiative to translate all or some of Eureka Math (EngageNY) into Spanish. As I come across these wonderful school districts, I'm organizing their translations here. It is not as smooth and professional looking as a big-box publisher could do, but at least it is a start and least our students will be experiencing a great math program (albeit in English for the time being).

Chula Vista Elementary School District, Port Chester Public Schools, and Salem-Keizer Public Schools are doing a great job of gradually translating everything. I'm wondering if the three of them would do better by working TOGETHER rather than in parallel.

Regardless, in the meantime we all benefit from their awesome work!

Please spread the word.